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Toyota - Global Automobile Brand is now-a-days customers’ No. 1 choice. With its service, sales and spare part strategy, Toyota has reached out to its customers beyond one nation geography. One may find many service providers and distributors for this Brand in many countries; however, in context of Nepal, there is only one sole distributor of Toyota vehicles and its genuine parts i.e. United Traders Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. (UTS).
\r\nUnited Traders Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1967 and the backbone persona behind UTS is  Dr. V.G. Vaidya who was also the Chairman Of this Organization. With his vision and entrepreneur skills, UTS have come this far.
\r\nThe continuity of success of UTS is catalyzed with the current leadership of Mr. Suraj Vaidya – President and CEO of UTS. He is also a Former President of Federation of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI)—an apex body representing the business community in Nepal. He is also present President of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Chairman of the SAARC Council for Tourism. With continuous visionary leadership and always at the helm of the company, UTS has been successful in maintaining its status as a market leader right from the beginning despite Nepal being represented by almost all major players from around the world.
\r\nBeing the Toyota Authorized Distributor in Nepal, it has also newly expanded its service to the customers via UTS workshop which is currently located in Ananda Nagar, Dhumbarahi Under one roof, one can be sure to obtain all the services customers need for maintaining their vehicle by the Skilled Technicians and Engineers Trained by the Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan. Toyota technicians are well-trained specialists and update themselves through technical bulletins, service tips, and in-dealership training programs.
\r\nUTS is sure to deliver its customers better and efficient service.
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United Traders Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. General Opening Hours
VOITH COMPLEX Sunday - Friday ( 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Ananda Nagar, Dhumbarahi Lunch Break ( 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM )
P.O. Box: 233/2640  
Kathmandu, Nepal   
Telephone: +977-1-4008801-5   
Fax: +977-1-4008813   
E-mail: vsd@voith.com.np, mahesh@voith.com.np, it@voith.com.np  

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maintenance tips

Check The Oil
It may seem obvious, but the importance of checking the oil regularly cannot be stressed enough. Checking it and changing it often is probably the single most important thing you can do to keep your car's engine in good condition.

Check Your Lights
This is one of the easier maintenance tasks, as you'll often find someone, hopefully not a policeman, will tell you that one of your tail lights isn't working properly. Having working head and tail lights is absolutely crucial to your safety. Have them fixed as soon as possible whenever one isn't working and avoid driving with one light out, if at all possible.

Check Your Tires
Check the tire pressure, but also the alignment often. Invest in a tire pressure gauge. Keep the tire pressure as your vehicle owner's manual recommends. Tire pressure affects many aspects of your car, including the amount of fuel it uses, the handling and performance, as well as the comfort and smoothness of the ride. Rotate your tires after every other oil change. Proper tire rotation helps your tires to wear more evenly. Also, keep a check on the tread wear of your tires and get new tires when needed.

Check The Engine Coolant
If you don't have enough coolant, you run the risk of overheating your engine and damaging it. Keep the coolant level topped up, especially if you're going on a long trip during warmer months.

Check The Belts
There are numerous belts in your vehicle, including the ones involved with the running of your alternator, your air conditioning and other parts. Be sure to check the rubber and the belt when you are performing your regular, under the hood maintenance.

Check Battery Contacts
Make sure the contacts on your battery terminal are clean. Often dirt and grime can build up on them, affecting performance.

Checking Water
If your engine uses water for cooling, take care to ensure that it is regularly changed. Water can also be used for cleaning the windshield.

safety tips

Always fasten your seat belt, along with the passengers.
Plan your journey. Equip yourself with road maps. Ensure that you are carrying your vehicle documents, owners manual & warranty booklet.
Car Condition. Vehicle should be in top road worthy condition as high speed driving/emergency braking may be involved.

Your safety depends on:
  1. Your concentration during driving / maintaining controllable speeds.
  2. How safely you drive & adhere to traffic rules.
  3. The level of road worthiness of your vehicle.
  4. Wear seat belts. Always.

Amongst other items, pay special attention to the condition of the following.
  1. Tyres.
  2. Cooling system.
  3. Engine Tune-up.
  4. Brakes.
  5. Engine-oil.
  6. Windscreen.
  7. Wheel balancing.
  8. Seat and mirror adjustment.

driving tips
  1. Always wear your seat belt--and make sure all passengers are buckle up, too.>
  2. Adjust your car's headrest to a height behind your head--not your neck--to minimize whiplash in case you're in an accident.
  3. Never try to fit more people in the car than you have seatbelts for them to use.
  4. Obey the speed limits, Going too fast gives you less time to stop or react. Excess speed is one of the main causes of teenage accidents.
  5. Don't run red lights.
  6. Use turn signals to indicate your intention to turn or to change lanes. Turn it on to give the cars behind you enough time to react before you take the action. Also, make sure the signals turns off after you've completed the action.
  7. When light turns green, make sure intersection clears before you go.
  8. Don't drive like you own the road; drive like you own the car.
  9. Make sure your windshield is clean. At sun rise and sun set, light reflecting off your dirty windshield can momentarily blind you from seeing what's going on.
  10. Don't blast the radio. You might miss hearing a siren or a horn that could warn you of possible trouble.
  11. Make sure your garage door is completely open before backing out of it. This was submitted by another teen who learned this one from his dad's mistakes.
  12. Drive into your garage straight, not on an angle.
  13. Make sure your car has fuel in it. Don't ride around with the gauge on empty--who knows where you might get stranded.
  14. Don't take drugs or drive if you've taken any. Don't ride with anyone who has been using drugs. Even some over the counter drugs can make you drowsy. Check label for warnings.
  15. Don't drive with small children or even small teenage friends as passengers in a front seat that has a passenger-side air bag. They should be buckled up in the back seat. Recent transportation studies show that small children may be injured by the air bags even in low impact collisions. (Actually, it's safer not to drive with friends and kids in the car when you're learning to drive. They can be distracting.).
  16. Don't talk on the car phone, put on make-up, comb your hair, or eat while driving. People who talk on car phones while driving are four times more likely to have an accident. If you need to make a call, pull off the road to a safe spot and park.
  17. Don't fiddle with the radio while you are driving. It's better to wait until you can pull over and stop because even taking your focus off the road for a few seconds could lead to an accident.
  18. Use good quality tires and make sure they are inflated to the right pressure (check your owners manual for what is right for your tires and car).
  19. Maintain your car. Bald tires, a slipping transmission, or a hesitant engine could lead to accidents.
  20. Use headlights during daylight driving, especially on long stretches of desert highway and rural roads to make you more visible to oncoming drivers.
  21. Watch out for potholes, especially after bad weather.
  22. Be on the lookout for motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians.
  23. When driving to a new place, get complete directions before you go. Figure out what exits you need to take before hand.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oils are formulated to keep Toyota’s running at peak performance in even the toughest conditions. The oils are formulated to deliver excellent protection against engine wear & tear, outstanding engine cleanliness, and peak performance between recommended service intervals.They also operate effectively at extremely high and low temperatures, delivering minimal low temperature ‘sludging’. This highly refined oil features new technology designed to ensure protection against engine wear & tear, corrosion and damage.

dream car
10th Toyota Dream a Car Art Contest
From November 2015 to 1st February 2016, United Traders Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. (TOYOTA) will hold the “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest,” which invites children from all corners of the globe to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars. Every great idea was born in the glimmer of a dream, and we at Toyota hope that this activity will help nurture the creativity of the next generation of great inventors, thinkers and dreamers.
The contest is comprised of the Local Contest and the World Contest.  The “Local Contest” will be held in each participating country from November 2015 to March 2016. Winners of this contest will be entered as representatives of their own country into the “World Contest,” to be held in Japan, May 2016.
Since 2004, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest has been conducted as part of Toyota’s social contribution initiatives. In 2015 alone, there were 875,000 entries from approximately 81 countries and regions around the globe.
※Local Contest (Kenya)                ※Winning entry from the World Contest (2014)   ※World Contest award ceremony in Japan (2014)
[Local Contest Information]
Entry Period November 20151st February 2016
Target Applicant Those who are 15 years old and younger and who live in participant countries
Age Categories (1) Category 1: Under 8 years old  (2) Category 2: 8­–11 years old
(3) Category 3: 1215 years old

Application Form Download

For details and the history of the contest, refer to the Toyota Global website or our website:
Toyota Global website: http://www.toyota-global.com/events/dream_car_art_contest/
  Our website:
For More information please contact:
United Traders Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. (Toyota)
Sole Authorized Distributer of Toyota Vehicles in Nepal
Contact Person: Mr. Bibek B. Balami
Contact Number: +977-1-4008801-05
Email Address: marketing@voith.com.np
Website: www.toyota.com.np